ifk headifk head

Graphic design

For IFK I've made a lot of different things. I helped them for a couple of years with marketing materials, re-designed their website (together with a kick-ass coder from Tigerton), and I created all the material for their sponsors in the arena. 


IFK annonserIFK annonser

Jumbo LED-screens

In the arena, I created the material for all the sponsors on the LED-screens. We also made one of the best (if we might say so ourselves) intros ever for when the players enter the arena, before the game starts. I have a very bad recording of this (apologies), so I posted the graphics showing on the screens as well. 

Animated Logo

An animated logo that is used in video interviews and other video materials. 


I created a contest between the two teams in Skövde. Girls VS Boys.. or Women VS Men. This was a lot of fun, they didn't get to know beforehand what the challenge was and I created the challenge, filmed, edited and spread this to raise interest around the teams and home games. This was one of the challenges.

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