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Branding for Outdoorexperten

This was a re-branding for the e-commerce site outdoorexperten.se. They created their brand in 2005 and they needed to update their visual brand to keep up with time, and stay at the top of their market. 


Outdoorexperten is a e-commerse site that sells gear for the outdoor life. They have products for everyone from the most advanced climber going to everest, to the techsavy who is interested in new, functional gear, but mostly walkes their dog in the rain. 


Our challenge in this project was to find out how to show that outdoorexperten is a modern brand that are experts in their field. We wanted to show that they are the true experts and create something that helpes them communicate that to their costumers. 


During the process we dove deep into the heart of this company to fully understand what they stood for and what their core mission was. We held a workshop with them where they got to place themselves in a chart with their main competitors, to see where they saw themselves today and where they wanted to be in the future. We did big research and took inspiration from big brands as well as smaller companies within the field. Through this research process we discovered their core values and what they stand for as a company.

process branding outdoorexpertenprocess branding outdoorexperten


The values that best describe Outdoorexperten and what they stand for. 

values branding outdoorexpertenvalues branding outdoorexperten

The Logo

There are two arrows in the logo. One is pointing straight up, towards the perception of north, and if you look at a compass it will show you that north is straight up. A real expert knows that the real north is slightly to the right at an angle, and this is called “the true north”, so the other arrow in the logo is pointing towards the true north. They are connected to each other towards the bottom to create the foundation of knowledge and experience.

The gradient gives the logo a resemblance to a crystal. A crystal has a unique shape and gives the logo a modern look.

logo branding outdoorexpertenlogo branding outdoorexperten
logo outdoorexpertenlogo outdoorexperten


The colours on the logo can be changed according to the four Nordic seasons. The two poles are winter and summer, and in between we have Spring and Autumn. The logo reflects the different colours of our four seasons.



Everything that Outdoorexperten communicates to its customers should be based on expertise. The website should focus on products, since it is foremost a ecommerce site, but they should shift the focus to selling the products through experiences. This should be done by including a lot of information about the products and put them in a bigger picture. This also drawing on the expertise of Outdoorexperten and that they have a lot of informations about their products and how to use them, and how the products help them to get the most out of their outdoor experience.

We created a new, clean look for their website.


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