Peak Performance

Peak came to Hyper with a brief during our tech module. They wanted us to help them create hype around the release of their winter collection 2016. They wanted something that represents them as a brand as well as creating hype around their new, high tech, collection.

The brief

The brief was very open and surrounded the functionality in their new line. The skiwear is very functional with new technology that can take you from the urban streets to the alps - without changing your jacket. This became our focus and we worked rapidly to find a solution that answered this.


During this module we learned Arduino and Processing which allowed us to quickly move from ideation to prototyping. We played around with Arduino and had a lot of fun testing a series of functionalities.

The solution

Our solution is creating a interactive window display in one of their stores in Stockholm. The interaction is unfreezing their winter jacket from a block of ice, taking it from the cold alps to the urban streets. We created a hand that had a pressure sensor that triggered a video in the display. As long as you press it the jacket unfreezes, and if you stop, the jacket goes back to freeze in a block of ice. The sensor can also be change to something you heat up or interact with in a different way.

This would create hype in social and regular media highlighting the new collection. It will also give Peak Performance an opportunity to interact with their customers and create stronger bonds that will make them have Peak in mind when they are thinking about functional ski wear.


We had a lot of fun during this project, and even though it was one of the shortest modules we had an amazing time together and created a super good and efficient team. I would love nothing more than to work with my team members again in the future. 


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