Skövde Sports Gala

For the 2015 sports gala in Skövde I created the visual motion graphics for the nominations that was shown on the big screens in the arena during the event and also on the web-tv broadcast. 


This was a collaboration with HBP who organized the whole event, and I also acted as a studio woman during the evening. This was a very prestigious job and I had a lot of fun! 

This is the template I did for the graphics (please watch in HD), I was not trusted with the real winners so this is some of my own pictures, used as placeholders.

Studio woman

The regular title for this job is studioman, but since I am a woman - I changed it. During the event, my job was to be the eyes and ears on the floor inside the arena, for the bus outside who edited the whole thing live. Telling them what happened in the room, help with microphones that didn't work, keep track of the winners for the camera etc. I also fetched and managed the studio where all the winners were interviewed.

It was my first time working with this kind of production, and I loved it. 

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