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A project for transdev. Transdev operates urban and regional traffic in Sweden and have extensive experience from both rail and road operations. Globally, they operate 13 different modes of transportation in 20 markets. Their ambition is to use their expertise to contribute to the development of sustainable public transportation solutions in expanding cities.

The Brief

How do we elevate the attractiveness of public transportation? Should our priority be to improve utilization by evenly distributing the supply of traffic, make it easier for traffic to get through, decrease congestion and maximize resource utilization? Or should our focus rather be on customer satisfaction with improved services, such as information about interruptions, booking and payment alternatives?

Core question

The core question we choose to focus on was: How do we make it more convinient for people traveling between suburbs to do that with public transportations?


An on-demand mini-bus service with routes decided by the travelers. Please press play: 


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