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72 hour project for Unicef

For this brief from Unicef we got 72  hours to come up with a concept that would inspire teachers to sign up their class to "Operation Dagsverke". Through ideation, ideation and more ideation we found our final idea. It was a really fun 72 hours. 


Team is everthing. So we put a big part of this project into teambuilding, getting to know each other and building a good, trusting foundation. This helped us a lot when the deadline came closer and stress knocked on our door. This was one of the most fun project I've done and I thank this amazing group for that. 

Final result

The final idea is super simple, which we felt was an important factor in this brief, not to give the teacher a lot of extra work, but to help them start this great project together with the students, and also let the students be in charge for most of the project. 

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